Current Projects

These are the projects I am currently or have recently been collaborating and working on.

The Israel Democracy Institute

The Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) is an independent center of research and action dedicated to strengthening the foundations of Israeli democracy. I am part of a research project working on citizen's trust and regulation. In particular, I am working with Prof. Yuval Feldman on a series of experimental surveys.

In addition, I am coordinating a series of roundtables on public trust in Israel, for researchers and practitioners.

The Governmental Index

I have initiated and developed an original index of the level of participation, transparency accountability and inclusiveness of Governmental Ministries in Israel for the civil society NGO "CECI".

Click here for information on the index and the results (in Hebrew)

TiGRE Horizon2020

I am the HUJI team coordinator and an IBEI team member on the TiGRE project. This is an incredible research collaboration between the top scholars in the field from 9 different countries, with the aim of drawing a more comprehensive picture of trust dynamics and understanding its drivers, as well as its political and socio-economic implications.

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