I study trust, regulation and democracy. I am mainly interested in ways that companies and governmental organizations can increase public trust while ensuring democratic values - the empowerment of citizens. I am an expert in measurement development, survey design and analysis, behavioral economics and public administration.

In my Ph.D, I developed original measures of transparency, accountability, participation and inclusiveness of regulatory agencies that allowed, for the first time, to quantitively assess and compare the extent to which public bodies are democratic. This work was acknowledged and awarded several times, and the measures were used to construct the first database with data on 49 regulatory bodies from 9 countries and 3 sectors (Food Safety, Data Protection and Finance) through the TiGRE project. The data covers the legal obligations for and the actual levels of transparency, participation, accountability and inclusiveness. I am now analyzing the database and working on 2 articles that will validate the measures and explore the data.

I am also researching public trust. I have designed, conducted and analyzed several experimental surveys in different countries to learn about citizens' trust in companies and governmental bodies. I have published a study about the role of regulation in cultivating trust in Fintech companies, and another one about the role of transparency, inclusiveness, accountability and participation in increasing trust. Now I am working on a paper about policy framing and trust in the context of the EU commission. 


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