In this academic year I am teaching the following courses at IBEI for Master students:

  • Public Management - Syllabus

  • Research Methods II: Probability, Inference and Regression in R - Syllabus

In addition to fundamental public administration courses, I can teach the following courses, based on my research experience and fields of expertise:

Bureaucracy and Democracy

This course addresses the question of the role and place of public administrations in democratic systems. The first part of the course introduces the student to existing theories that discuss democratic expectations of the bureaucracy. We will read and discuss the various views of how the bureaucracy should function in democratic systems. We will also distinguish between the views of professional (technocratic) bureaucracy, responsive bureaucracy, representative bureaucracy, and good governance. In the second part of the course, we will see how the theories we have learned are reflected in various empirical studies that measure the democratic components in public administration in different countries.

Trust and Governance

This course addresses the theoretical, empirical, and methodological issues of public trust in government and various state institutions. During the course, we will learn about the various ways in which trust is conceptualized and measured - from perceptions of trust and trustworthiness to various experimental methods and "trust games." We will then learn about empirical studies and cross-national surveys that reflect the state of trust in governments, companies and in society, and examine its determinants and implications.

Mixed-Methods Theory and Practice

Regulation and Society

Survey Design and Analysis