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I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacional (IBEI) and a researcher in TiGRE, a cross-country Horizon2020 research consortium investigating trust in regulation and governance. In addition, I work as part of the SOCIALEU project and am a member of the Voluntary Compliance Lab.

My research lies in the intersection of public administration, regulation, and behavioral economics.  I was always driven by a strong motivation to contribute positively to society by helping governments, organizations and businesses become more trustworthy, inclusive and democratic. I feel very grateful to develop ideas and do innovative research on these questions:

Governmental organizations:


I have received numerous awards and scholarships, including the Israeli President's Award for Excellence and Innovation in Science, the HUJI Postdoctoral Award for Outstanding Woman Scientists, the Routledge Prize for Best Paper, and more. My work has been published in Q1 peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of European Public Policy and Policy and Politics.


Affiliations and collaborations: