Libby Maman


I am a PhD candidate of public policy and governance studying the democratic mechanisms of public administrations. In my work, I aim to draw attention to the various mechanisms within bureaucracies that promote democratic norms and enhance public participation and inclusion, transparency and accountability, and explore their relationship with trust. I am supervised by Professor David Levi-Faur.

I am also a research fellow at Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacional (IBEI) working with Prof. Jacint Jordana in TiGRE - a cross-country Horizon2020 project investigating trust in regulation and governance.

I am a mixed-methods researcher. I have experience with experimental surveys, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and measurement development. I love conducting interviews and hearing what people have to say, but equally, I love data, R and graphs.

I have received numerous awards and scholarships, including the Israeli President's award for excellence and innovation in science.

I am involved in several projects in the areas of governmental measurement and enhancement of trust, both in the profitable industry and NGOs. I find that using my research skills to make a real impact is what makes me most proud and fulfilled,

I am currently positioned in Barcelona, Spain.