Libby Maman


I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacional (IBEI). I completed a PhD in behavioral public administration in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on public trust, regulation and democracy. I have been (and still am) working as part of the TiGRE project- a cross-country Horizon2020 project investigating trust in regulation and governance.

I am mostly interested in the link between democratic governance practices, such as transparency, accountability, participation, representation and inclusiveness, and public trust, regulatory effectiveness, and other outcomes.

I have initiated and led the construction of an original database on the extent that regulatory bodies are transparent, inclusive, accountable and allow participation, with data on 49 bodies from 9 countries and 3 sectors (Food Safety, Data Protection and Finance). I also designed, conducted and analyzed several experimental surveys in different countries.

I am also involved in several consulting projects in the areas of measurement and trust, both in the profitable industry and NGOs.

I have received numerous awards and scholarships, including the Israeli President's award for excellence and innovation in science.

I am currently positioned in Barcelona, Spain.